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Building a Framework for Digital Success

Digital Transformation in 2021

  • Big-Data & Analytics
  • Agile Framework
  • Mobile & Internet technologies
  • Lean-Startup Model
  • Data-Driven concepts
  • Digital technologies
  • Automation

The global digital transformation market size is expected to grow from USD 469.8 billion in 2020 to USD 1009.8 billion by 2025.

Is your company ready for the transformation? 

The Information Technology Industry & the hiring process


On average, a company spends $200.00 per job posting on job boards such as Indeed, Careerbuilder, LinkedIn, etc. 

Even after people apply, companies on average spend $4,000 per candidate on interviewing, scheduling, and assessment to decide if someone is right for the job. 

The process is daunting for companies and job seekers and thanks to all the myriad of different job titles companies use (there really are no standards), the process is problematic and outdated. For technical jobs (Digital Manager, Product Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, Data Scientist), the job titles are even more non-standard and in some cases, the job description is poorly written or outdated. 

Our organization is dedicated to helping companies grow by leveraging our certified technology professionals trained by top schools or technology consulting companies in the U.S. Furthermore, we are helping companies by providing the right candidates at no cost to the employers.  Digital Analyst is a non-profit organization funded by grants and our goal is to help companies grow by providing expert technology professionals that have knowledge and experience with the digital transformation model and can contribute to the company’s bottom line.

Simplifying the hiring process

  1. List jobs for free. Stop paying thousands of dollars to job boards such as Indeed, Careerbuilder, etc.  The job process is outdated and flawed. Let us help you with the hiring process.
  2. We will review your job posting, review job descriptions, pre-screen, and provide you a list of qualified candidates. 
  3. Skip the daunting hiring process, and let us help you find the right technology professionals for your company.  

Imagine if people could find jobs faster with a better fit? Imagine if employers got fewer, more appropriate candidates?

 Our organization is dedicated to the digital transformation technology space and helping companies find the appropriate candidates that will contribute to the company’s success.

Free resources for companies

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  • Access to our Job Board Portal. Get access to qualified and certified technology professionals, free job postings, training, profiles, and so much more. 
  • Free technology events and workshops for your employees. 
  • Post technology jobs and let us handle the rest. Our organization is dedicated to helping you find qualified technology professionals who are up to speed with the latest digital technologies.
  • Technology workshops

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Certified Technology Professionals

Hire technology professionals trained by the top schools or technology consulting companies in the U.S. 

Our strict certification requirements include hands-on learning, experience, and cutting-edge technologies. Leverage our certified digital professionals. 

Hiring made easy

Why waste thousands of dollars and go through hundreds of resumes? Tell us about your ideal candidate and we will do the rest. Post your job for free, we will do pre-interviews, and give you a list of qualified candidates. 

On-going training & learning

Free live workshops, webinars, and online events for job seekers and companies. 

Our Mission

We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the digital transformation space. Questions? Send us an email: hello@digitalanalyst.org 

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