Digital Marketing Mastermind by Inbound Plan

Attract hundreds of qualified leads to your business by using the Inbound marketing 4-step framework, high converting funnels, automations, organic + paid strategies. 

Community powered by Virtual training group. Over 1000+ students and success stories. Learn from the experts & get hands-on coaching.

Attend live workshops. 1:1 mentorship and coaching

Stop using self-taught marketing courses to learn digital marketing. Every business is different, requires different strategy and approach. Attend live workshops, learn from the coaches who have scaled their businesses to 7 figures. 

What is Inbound marketing plan?

 An inbound Marketing Plan is a strategic approach to attract qualified leads, and turn them into paying customers by building meaningful relationships with prospects and customers.  It is about empowering them with knowledge,  providing value, and helping them reach their goals. 

Inbound strategy is growing and it is used by top entrepreneurs today.

It was founded by the co-founder of Hubspot, Brian Halligan.

The Inbound Framework has the following steps:

  1. Attract the right customers to your business. 
  2. Engage with leads
  3. Nurture and conversions 
  4. Sales and growth strategies

Request a free Strategy meeting

Vic is the founder of and has helped over 2000 clients attract leads and grow their businesses using digital marketing. He provides hands-on coaching to his students which includes implementation.  Vic is based out of Seattle, Washington, and has clients across the globe. 

If you are a student – Enroll in our 90-day mastermind. We provide all the tools, technologies, and systems. Our goal is to empower our students with hands-on training and help them obtain in-demand skills, so they can become successful in today’s digital age. 

If you are a business owner – You can either enroll in our mastermind or we can take over your marketing efforts.  

Please note, we do not provide training in the e-commerce market. You must charge your clients a minimum of $1,000 to work with us.  Our clients include Lawyers, IT professionals, consultants, course creators, solar and green energy, Health and wellness, Finance, real estate, and technology. 

Connect with Vic on Social media and request a free Zoom video meeting. In our Zoom meeting, I will share additional lead generation strategies with you, tips, and create a 30-day roadmap for your business. This is a free strategy meeting. 

The best way to get in touch with Vic is through Social media and send him a message.   Vic also host free digital marketing workshops over Zoom 2x a week. 

Vic Saini, Founder of Inbound Plan