What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound Marketing guide & Video

Inbound is a strategic marketing plan that is focused on solving problems and not selling! Put your services front of the right buyers at the right time that are interested in what you do. 90% of the business owners are doing it wrong, targeting the wrong buyers and focused on selling not results. 

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The Inbound approach is more human, customer-centric, and it revolves around solving problems and addressing pain-points of your customers. The focus is on providing value and results… not selling! 

90% of business owners are focused on selling, targeting the wrong buyers who have no intentions of buying from you, using outdated methods, and throwing away money on Ads that do not convert. 

Before you do any marketing, you should have a proven solid plan and a good understanding of your potential buyer. We help you create a detailed Inbound Plan based on data-driven marketing principles and the Inbound framework. 


Inbound marketing methodology and the 4 steps of Inbound Marketing

  1. Client Clarity, and focus. Your messaging should be crystal clear and focused on your niche market. It should not be broad and sound like everyone else. People value services that are specialized, have a unique message, and focus on solving particular problems, not solving all of the problems.  
  2. Have your potential customers reach out to you on Google Search, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. This is where your ideal customers are hanging out, researching and looking for solutions on the Google search engine, watching tutorials, or “how to’s” on YouTube, and networking with other business owners on LinkedIn, and Facebook.
  3. In step 2, you are now attracting leads and your sales pipeline is getting filled with qualified leads that are genuinely interested in what you do. Turn leads into customers by focusing on results and Not selling.
  4. Sales and growth strategies

Inbound Methodology explained - Watch the 21 minute video.