How to Get into IT

How to Get into information technology field without experience or degree and land a great paying IT job

How to get into Information Technology Field (IT) without experience or degree

How to get a job in IT - Tips & Strategies

You are applying for a tech role but you never worked in the Information Technology industry before. Every job description says you need experience before you apply. Even Entry-level jobs usually state 1-2 years of experience.

The reality is you are competing against other job seekers who already have the experience listed on the resume and leaving you at a disadvantage. 

Here are some ways you may still land a job in information technology:

  • It is tough to get a great paying job without having experience. Some ways people get into IT is by having connections. The connections could be through friends, networking events, family, or landing a job through an internal job posting.
  • Entry-level jobs that state 1-2 years of experience or willing to train. You should still apply for entry-level jobs because some employers are willing to train or they are happy with the knowledge you possess and you can build experience with them.
  • Internships. There are an advantage and disadvantage to the internship programs offered by companies. Lots of college students apply for paid internships and often these employers are looking for young people who are looking to build experience. Even though it is paid, it is usually a very low salary. Unpaid internships – These are easier to get but a big disadvantage is that they are unpaid and there are not any guarantees that it will turn into a full-time paid job.  
  • Connect with IT recruiting companies. Attend networking events.
  • Create a professional LinkedIn profile and network on LinkedIn.
  • Look for freelancing tech work. Freelancing is great for building experience and portfolio. 
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