Partner Up Program

Profit sharing and win-win model

Work together in a thriving and engaging community! From idea to helping you make money online. Escape your 9-5 and get started. Why do it alone? Partner up and let's make money together! If you are motivated to succeed, then we want you in our group!
The goal is for you to partner up with a mentor, and you will be building your digital business in real time and working in a virtual group setting. Bring your own technology tools (Website, etc) or use ours.

Grow in our community

Grow with us and thrive in today's digital economy. You do not need to take this journey alone. It is a win-win for both of us. We share the profits hence let's make money together!

Free to join!

Thrive in today's digital economy

The growth of the digital economy has unlocked new opportunities for entrepreneurs, leading to the creation of new business models, and innovations, and creating big opportunities for launching digital businesses from home.
The digital economy initially stemmed from the technology sector, but as new tools and techniques have become more accessible and widespread, new digital enterprises and entrepreneurs have begun to emerge in a variety of sectors. Entrepreneurs have been particularly keen to locate opportunities where digital business models can be created so much faster and easier than the traditional business model. Research has shown digital businesses are also more profitable than traditional business models. Considerable wealth has been accumulated through digital entrepreneurship.
This program provides insight into the emergence of digital entrepreneurship, key concepts, business models, and the digital strategies needed to develop successful ventures.
This is a hands-on training program where we will be building your digital business live. It is a 20% theory and 80% hands-on program. You will be building your digital business, launching it, and have paying clients pay for your services or expertise. Even if you do not have an idea, we will share 10+ profitable digital businesses and how the top entrepreneurs are making money.

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The program is free to join.

Week 1 - Idea and brainstorm
Understanding types of digital business models, and recognizing the profitable opportunities.

Using research and analytics tools to come up with an idea that is profitable and in demand. The goal is for us to build a business that is backed up by data and trends.
Week 3 - Technology
Bring your own technology or use ours! We take our idea and create a website, landing pages, and social media presence to start attracting target audience to our visitors. Everything is done for you!
Week 2 - Profitable Digital idea
We have narrowed down our ideas, focused on your strengths, and used analytics to get a better understanding of the market and your competition.

It is time to start creating a strategy blueprint for your digital business.
Week 4 - Marketing
Marketing is critical to your success. We teach you proven organic and paid marketing strategies that will attract visitors to your website and social media channels and turn viewers into paying customers every single month. Everything is done through hands-on coaching.