Product Owner vs Product Manager

Product Owner and Product Manager job description and responsibilities

Product Manager

  • Product Managers focus on product’s vision, objectives, competition analysis, forecasting, pricing and the market.
  • Creates and maintains product artifacts such as Product Roadmap, timelines, and Product Requirement Document (PRD).
  • In-charge of bringing competitive products to the market and ensure it meets the vision of the stakeholder
  • Product Manager ensures the team has the resources needed to fulfill the product requirements
  • Product Manager sets the deadlines. Takes the overall responsibility for the success of the product
  • Meets regularly with all stakeholders, including product developers, marketing, customer service, finance and company heads.
  • Attends conferences and events related to the product.
  • Provides leadership, develops the business strategy for new products or recommends improvements to the existing products.

Product Owner

  • Product Owner works with the Product manager and translate product manager’s strategy into actionable tasks such as creating User Stories & Use-cases.
  • Creates and prioritize tasks in the Product backlog software such as JIRA
  • Bridge between the Product Manager and the product development team such as software developer, UI/UX designer, etc.
  • Product owner works closely with the product development team to ensure the features developed will meet the Product vision set by the Product Manager.
  • Product owner ensures the features being developed will meet quality and customer’s vision.
  • Attends Scrum meetings such as the Sprint planning, the daily stand up, retrospective and demos. (In some companies, Product Mangers may also attend and lead the meetings or provide the product demo to the stakeholder).
  • Creates mockups and works with UI/UX engineers.

Product Manager Job Description

  • Researches customer demand for products and identifies potential consumer groups.
  • Suggests a product that should be developed and drives this process.
  • Oversees the development of the product and liaises between the customers and the product development team.
  • Gathers customer feedback to determine ways that the product could be improved.
  • Stays up-to-date with industry competitors and competition product developments.
  • Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and Agile Scrum or Kanban.
  • Excellent communication & stakeholder management experience.
  • Develop product pricing and positioning strategies. Translate product strategy into requirements and prototypes.

Product Owner Job Description

  • Gather requirements, ensure User Stories are ready for the development. Work with the Product team and manage and prioritize the User stories, acceptance criteria in the product backlog. Ensure the items developed will meet the product vision.
  • Attend meetings, collect feedback, and based on the gathered information, create new or make improvements to the existing features.
  • Collaborate with the key stakeholders, work closely with the Product Manager and add new features to the product vision. Ensure the developed features will meet the product quality.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills. Product Owner should be a problem-solver and a leader.
  • Perform competition analysis, research the market, user’s pain points and determine what features should be implemented and in what order.
  • Participate in the Daily scrums, Sprint planning, demos, and Retrospectives.