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Top Business Ideas for 2022


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The information below is provided by our digital strategist and technology partner – Scaling With Data.

Learn how to start and grow a digital business by following a 4-step framework.

Hi, I am Manisha Peddinti and I started my own business – in 2018. I went from working for top tech and digital media companies such as 20th Century Fox and held several positions in the areas of Product Marketing Manager, Growth Strategist, and Data Analytics. In 2018, I applied everything I learned from the corporate world and I started my own business.  I have helped 200+ clients become successful in starting and growing their online businesses.  Read my case studies and testimonials at: 

I have put together a 15-minute video below that goes over the proven 4-step framework that has brought big results to our clients. So if you are thinking of starting an online business, or you need an idea then get in touch with me and I would love to collaborate with you and go over ideas together. 

Here is how I can help you thrive in today's digital economy:

✅ How to start an online business by following market trends, and data. Data sounds very complicated but it is very easy if you know what tools to use and how to use them. I help you reverse-engineer the whole process. Build an online business based on trends, and demand and launch your product or services in front of buyers who are interested in what you do.  This is how you start an online business properly, not by doing guesswork and seeing how it will do, but by building an online business that will provide value to your ideal customers. I go over topics such as Value + scarcity on the video below. 
✅ Starting a For-Profit vs Non-profit. Did you know Non-profit is just as profitable as For-Profit? Only difference is under Non-profit, you do not pay for marketing! 
✅ Need profitable ideas? Have an idea already in mind? How about we both collaborate and work on your idea together? 
✅ Join our community. Share your struggles, ask questions, and network with fellow entrepreneurs 
✅ Learn how to market your business on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and YouTube. We provide the technology such as Website, funnels, payment gateways, and much more. I help you build and launch an online business that is built based on proven principles.
✅ I have helped hundreds of students get into entrepreneurship and coached business owners using digital strategies to reach 6 & 7 figures. It’s not hard once you know the right strategies. 
It is not about working hard, but about working smart! The digital economy is allowing entrepreneurs to become more successful than ever before even in recession times. 

Manisha Peddinti Founder of

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Become successful by following a Simple 4-step framework that has been bringing big results to entrepreneurs.

Starting An Online Business - Top Business Ideas for 2022

  1. Become a consultant and look for high-paying clients on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is where entrepreneurs, business owners, directors, founders, decision-makers are hanging out.  
  2. Monetize your knowledge and create an online course. 
  3. Partner up with successful companies that offer high ticket items and commissions. 
  4. Digital Marketing & strategies – Learn digital marketing and offer your services to business owners. Every business needs marketing and digital marketing is growing and it is a very lucrative industry to be in.
  5. Start a non-profit. Yes, non-profit is a business model, and many successful entrepreneurs have started a nonprofit. In the nonprofit model, the social cause is primary, and profits are secondary.


Steps to starting a business

Brainstorm, research and validate your idea to ensure it will be profitable.

Brainstorm ideas, conduct market research and gather information about your potential customers.

  • What problem does your product or service solve? 
  • Targeted audience 
  • Market demand & trends
  • Create a Blueprint, outlining action steps to launch a digital business in little as 30 days.  Do not have any idea? Look at the Top 5 ideas for 2021
Marketing & Growth Strategies
  • How do you plan on marketing your business? Learn about Digital Marketing channels such as Facebook, Google Marketing Platform, Influencer, Content, and more.
  • Pricing strategies
  • Turning web visitors into paying customers. Implementing lead forms on your website.
  • Revenue streams – Create a detailed plan & strategy on how your business will make money. 
  • Sales conversions strategies
  • Roadmap & growth strategies. 
Legal structure of your business & Tax benefits
  • Sole proprietorships 
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) 
  • Corporations
  • S Corporations 
Register Your Business
  • Choose your business name. Think about your brand and check that your business name isn’t already being used by someone else.
  • Register your business. If applicable, apply for licenses and permits. 
  • Get Federal and state Tax ID’s and open a business bank account.

LLC is very common among startups. Think about your business model and choose the type of legal structure that best fits your business.

The choices you make could affect your taxes, tax strategies, legal requirements, and revenue.