How to start a nonprofit the right way by using the Purpose + Profit strategic philanthropy model.

Start Incorporating A “Strategic Education” Model To Your Business. Empower People With Mission Led Approach And Grow Your Non-profit business. 

Steps to launching a nonprofit organization

Starting a Nonprofit organization is a lot like starting a For-profit business except under a Non-profit model social cause is primary and profits are secondary.  

You still have to market your non-profit, have an online presence, understand your ideal audience, and attract them to your non-profit organization. 

Here are the steps to starting a nonprofit organization or a 501c3

Increase your chance of success with the following tips & strategies.

Research & Planning

This step is absolutely critical to your success and it should address the following questions:

  1. What is the mission statement of your organization and the problem it solves?
  2. Your target audience. Who are you going after? Who should contribute to your nonprofit organization? Is your non-profit local, national, or around the globe?
  3. How are you planning on bringing awareness? Facebook campaigns? Google Campaigns? Social Media channels, and other digital strategies.  
  4. What happens when a person visits your website? Do you have systems in place such as forms that will collect information? Payment systems, donor pages, etc. Is your website hooked to your CRM platform? (Customer relationship management). Did you know companies such as Salesforce gives out their products for free to a non-profit organizations. 
  5. How are you planning on growing your non-profit? Some things to think about: donation strategies, grant strategies, bringing awareness to thousands of people that will support your cause, and more.
  6. You have to have a solid non-profit plan or an impact plan that is focused on solving problems. You also need a solid marketing plan in place to increase your chance of becoming a successful organization.  Your non-profit should be focused on solving problems and sharing knowledge.

Legal structure

  1. Choose a business name. Follow the legal process and register your 501(c)(3) organization and the purpose must be not-for-profit.  Write a good mission statement. 
  2. Appoint a board of directors
  3. File your incorporation paperwork with state. You will need necessary information such as your nonprofit’s name, address of the nonprofit, Name of the founder, name and address of the board member and of course the purpose (mission statement). Fees differ from state to state.
  4. Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN). To apply for an EIN,  you can visit IRS website and compete it online. 
  5. Apply for a 501(c)(3) status with the IRS. (As of Feb 2022, the current wait time is 4 to 6 months on average). 
  6. Please check the IRS website for the latest filing fees.  As of 2022, it is $600 for Form 1023,  $275 for Form 1023-EZ. 

Congratulations, your nonprofit is now approved!

This is where your solid non-profit and marketing plan comes into play, launch your non-profit campaigns across digital marketing channels and implement systems such as marketing CRM, funnels, email-marketing campaigns and other digital strategies to bring awareness and attract the right people to your organization.  

Now you can go towards a traditional route and do it yourself, or go to an attorney and pay expensive fees to get all of this done. Remember attorney’s job is to file the paperwork and get your nonprofit approved. The rest is up to you and that’s where most of non-profit business owners fail. They do not have full understanding of how to use technologies, marketing, systems and other components needed in order to become successful. 

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