Startup Accelerator Program

90% Hands-On & 10% theory. Learn how to start a successful business.

4-week entrepreneurship training bootcamp

Doing it all yourself only gets you so far. Let's build your business together.

This entrepreneurship program is an alternative to taking a business course in college or paying for an expensive training school. Our Business acceleration program is where entrepreneurs and business owners actually build and grow their companies in real-time with experts assisting them through the entire process.

What separates our program from virtually every program in the market (including traditional MBA programs), is that you will spend 99% of your time on implementing and applying, and only 1% on theories (almost everyone does it the other way around).

Virtual Live training - Learn from Successful Entrepreneurs.

Digital Analyst organization is dedicated to the growing digital transformation space. We help entrepreneurs launch and grow businesses by providing hands-on training,  digital technologies implementation, Lean Startup strategies, and Agile framework to help you bring a competitive product to the market.  

This Program Includes:
Module 1: Knowledge

In order to earn revenue from a business, you need to have a product or service that can be sold to your ideal customers and clients. This involves extracting the knowledge and ideas that are embedded in your brain and turning them into intellectual property that can be sold in the marketplace (turning the invisible into the visible).

In the first module, you’ll focus on brainstorming, competition analysis, research and how to bring a competitive product to the market. Do not have a business idea? We will help you come up with ideas based on your interest, hobbies, and knowledge. 

Module 2: From idea to coming up with a product.

In the second module, you’ll get to work on creating your actual product or service, including naming it, identifying the core topics, target audience and marketing, laying out the foundation, and bringing a competitive product to the market.

We will go over Agile framework and lean startup strategies.

Module 3: Identifying ideal customers

In the third module, you will work on identifying your ideal clients or customers, how to find them online, how to create a message that attracts them, and how you can position your product or service in a manner that enables them to pull out their credit card and purchase it.

You’ll get to work creating your ideal client demographics, identify how to attract them, what hooks you can use to attract them, and how to get them to buy your product or service.

Module 4: Launch and grow your business with Digital Marketing

In the fourth module, you will get to learn and implement different marketing strategies that are used in today’s digital era to attract and convert clients and customers using platforms like Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram & Amazon.

These are billion-dollar tools that exist in the marketplace that you already use in your day-to-day life – we’ll teach you how to turn these platforms into revenue-generating machines.

Module 5: Business strategies & Automation

The fifth module will focus on your business operations and delivery systems. Without a strong foundation that is automated, streamlined, and on “auto-pilot”, it’s very difficult to run a business that can reach six or even seven figures in sales.

This is the module where you’ll get to work on the technology component, the automation sequences, the emails systems, the calendar integrations, and the online payment systems that are required for online sales and conversions.