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Google Analytics 4

What is GA4 and why is it so important?

Google Analytics is the most popular tool used by websites to get information about visitors. A varied range of data is available on Google Analytics as Google collects details about every event happening on the site.

Google had announced that Universal Analytics (UA) will sunset on July 2023.  It will be replaced by Google Analytics 4 (GA4).

GA4 is the next generation of Google Analytics and has been developed to be less reliant on cookies, and offer a future-proofed predictive, privacy-focused platform.

GA4 comes equipped with advanced machine learning capabilities that allow you to identify patterns and trends in your data automatically. This can help you to uncover insights that you may have missed with other analytics tools.

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More Accurate Data Collection

GA4 uses a new event-based tracking system that allows for more accurate data collection and analysis. This means you can get more detailed insights into user behavior and make more informed decisions.

Flexible Analysis

GA4 adds flexibility by simplifying the way your data is constructed, for example, stripping away the distinction between page views and events, and the rigidity of predefined dimensions. Instead, it uses simple pairings of ‘Events’ and ‘Parameters’ to capture user activity, with Events representing the actual hit/interaction, and Parameters the complimentary values and labels that can be sent with each hit.

Improved User-centric Tracking

GA4 introduces a new model for tracking user behavior that focuses on user journeys rather than individual sessions. This allows you to get a better understanding of how users interact with your website over time and across multiple devices.

Enhanced Cross-platform Capabilities

With GA4, you can track user behavior across multiple platforms, including web, mobile, and even offline. This means you can get a more comprehensive view of your audience and how they engage with your brand.

Automatic Event Tracking

GA4 automatically collects data about more events out-of-the-box compared to Universal Analytics. While events such as outbound clicks, scrolls, site searches, form submissions, YouTube video interactions and file downloads previously needed additional configuration, these events are now tracked automatically.

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